Casa Brivio, tradition and design in the heart of Milan

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Casa Brivio is an innovative hospitality project in the picturesque Via Olmetto/Via Cornaggia. It is entirely Milanese in its essence, offering an authentic experience in the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Design and Architecture

The project was developed by Matteo Thun & Partners, who blended tradition with modern design aesthetics. The design follows the rationalist style popularized by Caccia Dominioni, paying homage to Milan’s architectural heritage and integrating Milanese interior styles of that era. Cassina Custom Interiors was entrusted with furnishing the interiors, creating a residence that harmoniously merges understated exteriors with refined and vibrant interiors.

Visionary Minds

Filippo and Alberico Brivio Sforza, the visionaries behind Casa Brivio, aimed to celebrate Milan’s timeless elegance. Every element within Casa Brivio has been carefully curated to narrate Milan’s story, inviting every guest to be part of this extraordinary journey.

Casa Brivio: tradition and design in the heart of Milan Ph. Marco Bertolini

Historical Significance

Casa Brivio’s building has a rich history dating back to the 15th century. Over the centuries, it underwent various modifications and renovations, including a significant neoclassical restoration in the 19th century. Despite enduring damage during World War II, particularly from a bombing raid in 1943, Casa Brivio’s south wing, facing Via Cornaggia, was painstakingly reconstructed in 1972 by engineer Cetti Serbelloni, breathing new life into the historic structure.

Restyling Project

In 2022, on the 50th anniversary of the reconstruction of the Via Cornaggia wing, Casa Brivio underwent a restyling project. The project aimed to highlight Milanese design of the 20th century while harmonizing with the rationalist reconstruction completed in 1972.

Legacy of Hospitality

Casa Brivio has a family history rooted in Milan for over 570 years. They are dedicated to authentically embodying the essence of Milanese hospitality and style.

The building

Casa Brivio is a building situated between Torre Velasca and Le Colonne di San Lorenzo. It consists of two buildings from the 1960s and 1970s whose design language was inspired by Luigi Caccia Dominioni. The reception area welcomes guests with a modern interpretation of Milan’s iconic entrances. The ceiling decorated with a diamond motif and the wood paneling on the wall pay homage to Gio Ponti’s design approach and the timeless beauty of the Cassina brand. The cream-colored terrazzo flooring is enriched with tropical plants, emphasizing the fusion of Milanese modernism and tradition. The furnishings, including Franco Albini’s Cicognino coffee table and Marco Zanuso’s Lady armchairs from the iconic Cassina iMaestri collection, reaffirm their legendary beauty and the importance of the Cassina collection in the Italian design landscape.

The suites

The suites are accessed via original spiral staircases, adorned with Murano glass lamps attributed to Caccia Dominioni for Azucena. Each space maintains its individuality with custom-designed wardrobes, with varying sizes for each room, serving as focal points. The doors, designed as frames, are lined with silk-effect wallpaper. Each wardrobe, in addition to separating the sleeping area, features a kitchenette with a minibar and a safe, making the kitchenette more functional and creating cozy environments that make guests feel at home. Cassina Custom Interiors crafted the upholstered beds covered in velvet.

Each room is furnished with individual pieces designed by Matteo Thun & Partners studio and crafted by Cassina Custom Interiors, including the dining table, desk, and other elements such as the Bixia chair, created for the brand by Matteo Thun and Benedetto Fasciana. The stackable chair in black lacquered ash, characteristic of Cassina’s woodworking, represents a fusion of craftsmanship and minimalist aesthetics.

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