Richard Orlinski debuts in Milan with an exhibition and a mega installation in the city’s heart

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Thanks to the Deodato Arte Gallery, Orlinski‘s works will be displayed in Milan for the first time in a solo exhibition titled “THE WILD ODYSSEY.” The world’s best-selling contemporary French artist, famous for his colourful bestiary (iconic are his Kongs, Standing Bears, T Rexes, and Crocodiles), will exhibit his pop works from March 21st to April 20th at the Deodato Arte spaces via Nerino 1.


“THE WILD ODYSSEY” is a wild artistic journey that allows entering the ‘Orlinski Galaxy’ and admire some of the most famous sculptures by the Parisian artist who builds bridges between different worlds, going beyond boundaries. Richard Orlinski loves art in all forms, so any means that can be used for creative purposes attracts and interests him. In his works, the artist plays with and uses different materials, such as aluminium, resin, and bronze. His desire to surpass the boundaries of art leads him to make it accessible to everyone. For this reason, he always chooses to exhibit his monumental artworks outdoors, in cities, allowing visitors to contemplate his sculptures while strolling through the streets.

Richard Orlinski – Crocodile


But Orlinski’s artistic spark continues further. Milan, after Paris, Venice, and Miami, will also host a monumental installation by the artist in the heart of the fashion quadrilateral via Verri 7 to celebrate his 8-year partnership with the Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot, of which he is an ambassador. During this union, the artist has created timepieces with unique designs featuring his famous facets, sought after by both watch collectors and art collectors. Richard Orlinski will thus bring an artistic touch to the city of Milan by exhibiting an iconic 180 cm tall Wild Kong in vibrant Mick blue, positioned in front of the Hublot Milano-Pisa 1940 boutique. All Orlinski fans will have the opportunity to meet the artist on March 21st, the opening night of the Wild Odyssey Exhibition, at 6:30 PM at the Deodato Arte Gallery.

Richard Orlinski – Crocodile


Richard Orlinski is one of the most influential representatives of French Neo-Pop Art. He has been the world’s best-selling contemporary artist from France since 2015. He began his artistic career in 2006, creating his first artwork, a bright red resin crocodile, which quickly became an iconic part of the sculptor’s bestiary. Driven by the desire to democratize art and make it accessible to as many people as possible, Richard Orlinski is interested in all means of expression, and his art knows no boundaries. In 2021, he was appointed an official of L’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin.


Richard Orlinski – Wild Kong

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