Children at the theatre: Welcome to the Piccolo! In the land of theatre (italian language)

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Until 14 February 2024, Teatro Strehler will present an extraordinary show dedicated to primary school children and their families. An immersive experience of play and theatrical interaction designed to explore the places, crafts, protagonists and stories that have made the Piccolo famous.

Midweek morning performances are reserved for primary schools. Further information and booking methods are available. Saturday and Sunday performances are open to all. See the calendar and find out how to book your place.

In the picturesque village of Teatro, a gentleman used to say: ‘Things belong to those who work them, or to those who improve them, or to those who love and defend them, not to those who have had them without having done anything’ (G. Strehler / B. Brecht). The Land of Theatre once existed… and still exists today! Visitors can ask questions, laugh, play and even reflect a little. In the company of two actors, they will explore the theatre’s spaces – workshops, stages, underground tunnels, magic boxes – and meet ‘residents’ (famous or forgotten characters, fantastic or real creatures) who are convinced that the world can be improved through theatre.

Location: Teatro StrehlerScatola Magica

Tickets: Free activity
How to book
You can book tickets for midweek morning performances (Tuesday to Friday, 9.30 a.m. and 11.15 a.m.) reserved for schools by contacting the Public Promotion and Cultural Proposals Office on 02 72333216.

Tickets: Free activity
How to book
You can book tickets for Saturday and Sunday performances by contacting the box office on 02 21126116 or pick them up directly at the box office, at the Strehler Theatre, before the performance.
Check HERE the calendar of weekend performances.