“Dreams!”: a celebration of dance at Aida training center, hosted at Tam Teatro Arcimboldi


On the occasion of International Dance Day, the Aida Training Center is presenting a show called “Dreams!” at the Tam Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan. The show features a variety of dance styles, including classical, contemporary, and neoclassical. International choreographers like Stephen Delattre, Biagio Tambone, and Mick Zeni have contributed to the show, along with classical repertoire pieces. The solo dancer from Teatro alla Scala, Maria Celeste Losa, will also be performing. 

The show aims to showcase the budding talents of the Milanese Academy. Through this project, Cfa Management takes on an educational responsibility that goes beyond just artistic and technical training. This initiative not only provides young talents with a valuable opportunity but also supports a commendable cause like Compassion Italia. 

The show is scheduled for Monday at Teatro Arcimboldi at 8 p.m.


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